Legal Metrology Dept. books 11 guilty LPG Dealers - Fine of Rs 18000 recovered
  • 20, Jan 2022
  • By Admin

Four LPG dealers were fined Rs. 18000 on the spot while cases were booked against 6 other LPG dealers who were found involved in short delivery of LPG cylinders.
The Legal Metrology Department (LMD) field executives, J&K have recorded cases against 11 guilty LPG Traders for delivering underweight LPG Cylinders to the Consumers. During a special inspection drive conducted on the order of Controller Legal Metrology Department (LMD) J&K, 4 LPG dealers were fined Rs. 18000. 

During the inspection, LPG cylinders were carefully checked to ensure that the accurate quantity of LPG is filled in the Cylinders. The cases were registered for not maintaining the proper weighing scale to check the weight of the Cylinder before delivering it to the customer.

Any case of cheating, overcharging, or short delivery by LPG dealers may be brought to the notice of the Legal Metrology Department for taking strict legal action against the guilty LPG dealers. The distributors were asked to have a proper weighing scale and detector to check leakage and weight in the delivery vans of the valve of the cylinder.

The drive was conducted on the order of Controller Legal Metrology Department (LMD) J&K, against LPG Dealers posted in Kashmir division and was intended at seeking required compliance to numerous provisions of LPG Regulation (Supply and Distribution Order) 2000 and the Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

Moreover, the Legal Metrology Department has also advised consumers to remain alert while receiving the delivery or purchasing LPG. The department also asked the consumer to insist on a payment receipt for purchasing Gas Cylinder from LPG dealers. The actual weight is written on every LPG Cylinder and the consumer should ask the person who delivers to check the weight of that Gas cylinder by means of the weighing scale arranged in every LPG Delivery van.


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