BEE Star Labelling Scheme - Products Requiring BEE Registration
  • 23, Jan 2023
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The Bureau of Energy Efficiency was set up in line with the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 with a focus on reducing energy intensity, optimising energy consumption and cost saving. In order to achieve its objectives and make customers more aware about the energy efficiency of the appliances, the government has made it mandatory for the products to have star ratings and BEE labels. This allows customers to select the most energy-efficient products. What are the BEE star labelling scheme and BEE registration requirements in India? Let’s find out!

BEE Star Labelling Scheme

The government of India launched a star marking scheme to raise the importance of energy efficiency in electrical appliances and aware consumers about such appliances. It has notified approximately 29 products that are required to obtain BEE star labelling. Under this scheme, the trader, manufacturer and importer can apply for the license as follows:

  • Trader: A trader who is domestically trading goods shall complete the BEE Registration process as per the BEE star labelling Scheme of the BEE. 
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturers of the end product need to register themselves as well under the BEE star labelling scheme of the BEE.
  • Importer: Importers importing any goods that fall under the mandatory BEE certification in India need to register themselves under the BEE star labelling Scheme of BEE.

BEE Registration Process in India

If you are willing to obtain BEE certification, then you need to follow the following is the BEE registration process in India:

  • BEE Portal Registration: Any importer, manufacturer or trader desirous of obtaining BEE registration in India needs to register themselves with the BEE portal. This involves the  submission of various documents including but not limited to ISO 9001 certification, trademarks etc. 
  • Esting: After the company registration with the BEE gets completed, the applicant gets the login details. The application for registration under the BEE Star Labelling Scheme needs to be filed after getting their products tested from the authorised laboratories. This is mandatory before obtaining Model Registration.
  • Model Registration: After the second step, the applicant can go ahead with the model registration. All the necessary documents shall be submitted along with the test reports. The document and the application will be scrutinised, the department will grant the final license to the applicant.

Validity of BEE Registration in India

The BEE registration in India shall be valid for a period of 3 years from the date on which the certificate is issued. The BEE registration certificate shall be renewed after paying the requisite fees and submitting all the necessary documents.

Products Requiring BEE Registration in India

Products requiring BEE registration in India can be bifurcated into two different categories i.e., mandatory registration and voluntary registration. Here’s a list of products under both categories:

Products Requiring Mandatory Registration

Products Requiring Voluntary Registration

Mandatory Registration

Voluntary Registration

Direct Cool Refrigerator

Diesel Generator

LED Lamps

Washing Machine

Electric Geysers

Ceiling Fans

Room ACs

Air Compressor

Colour TVs

Induction Motors

Tubular Florescent Lamp

Microwave Ovens

Variable Capacity Inverter Air Conditioners

Solid State Inverters

Distribution Transformer

UHD Televisions

Frost Free Registration

Seep Freezers

Direct Cool Refrigerator




Diesel Engine Driven Monosetpumps for Agricultural Purposes

Office Equipment such as Scanners, Printers etc.

Domestic LPG Stoves


Solar Water Heaters

High Energy Li-Battery

Tyres / Tires

Agricultural Pump Sets

* The list is illustrative and subject to any subsequent changes in the law.

In a Nutshell

BEE registration is more of a necessity than a choice for the companies because it is a sign of trust for the consumers. If a product does not contain BEE star labelling, then customers often become suspicious about the energy efficiency of the product. If you need any assistance in relation to BEE certification in India, feel free to contact the ASC Group.


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