ICAT Certification


International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) is situated at Manesar in Gurugram, Haryana state of India. The Rs 1100/- crore facilities have services for the homologation of vehicles and laboratories for testing noise, vibration & harshness (NVH), and passive safety. It provides ICAT certification, ICAT registration services for a power train laboratory, a fatigue laboratory, an emission laboratory with the capability of Euro-V, passive safety lab, and vehicle test tracks.

ICAT Registration

  • ICAT Registration is a unique initiative started by an automotive certification agency to enhance the security in India for the certificates of Central Motor Vehicles Rule.
  • ICAT Certification include Conformity of Production (COP), Type Approval Certificates (TAC), and other Certificates for engines, vehicles, and components.
  • The format of the new ICAT certificate comprises new and unique nine security features included in the certificate.

How to Obtain ICAT Approval?

ICAT is India’s leading Homologation and Testing centre. ICAT is the agency notified under CMV rule number 126 for issuing“ type approval Certificate (TAC)” and “conformity of production (COP) Certificate” for the following:

  • Vehicle
  • Engine
  • Components
  • Retro fitment
  • Gensets

ASC will guide you on all the technicalities and will help you with ICAT certification & registering the company by attaching all the proofs and the required documents together with the company’s details. After doing the ICAT registration, it gets qualified for ICAT approval and provides the ICAT certificate.

How does ASC help?

  • We have a team of experts to assist you with ICAT registration. We will take delivery of your vehicle and make the necessary modification required for ICAT certification.
  • Our experts will prepare the necessary documentation required for ICAT Approval.
  • We will submit the application and the vehicle to ICAT Department.
  • If required we will make the changes as recommended by ICAT approval team.
  • After receiving the ICAT certificate from ICAT Department we will courier it to you.

Faq's on ICAT Certification