The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board - AERB Registration


The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) is made to ensure that the use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation in India is to mitigate any undue risk to public health and the environment. Obtaining AERB Licence is mandatory for the operation of Medical Diagnostic X-ray equipment and is a statutory obligation as per Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules 2004, propagated under Atomic Energy Act, 1962.

AERB Registration provides regulation for all Nuclear & radiation generation facilities, it also acts as a Regulatory Body for granting, renewing, withdrawing, and revocation of consents.


AERB Licence for Medical Diagnosis Facility having X-ray equipment (such as Fluoroscopy, Radiography, CT, O-arm, CathLab, C-arm, Dental, Mammography, BMD, etc.) is to ensure that:

  • To ensure equipment meets the quality requirements and to obtain an acceptable diagnostic image with optimal radiation quantity to the patient.
  • Adequate shielding is provided to the X-ray room for the radiation safety of people in the vicinity.
  • To develop safety policies under radiation, nuclear and industrial, safety areas and facilitate them under its purview.
  • To develop various safety codes, guidelines, and standards for designing, constructing, and operating diverse types of nuclear and radiation facilities.
  • To ensure conformity with the necessities of the AERB regulations as stated.
  • To lay down the acceptance limits of the exposure of radiation on the occupational workers and public members.
  • To review the complete plans during an emergency for nuclear and radiation facilities.
  • To review the training program, instructions, and other licensing policies for employees and staff of the radiation and nuclear facilities and lay down the complete syllabi for their training considering safety aspects at every level
  • Take such required steps to keep the public aware of chief issues on radiological safety.
  • To maintain liaison with different statutory bodies in India as well as abroad concerning safety matters.
  • To review the nuclear and industrial safety aspects in the nuclear facilities 
  • To review the security concerns in association with the nuclear security aspect under its purview.
  • To notify the public in India, about any nuclear incident that has occurred in the nuclear installations.


The AERB Certification is only issued after reviewing and examining all the aspects concerning radiation facilities for ensuring continued safety. Hence, AERB Approval is responsible to carry out regulations and inspections to assure the safety operations of this equipment. Undeniably, medical equipment has an imperative role in the succeeding healthcare safety and other facilities. The mission of the AERB Certificate is to ensure the use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation in India that does not cause health and environmental risks.

Who needs to obtain AERB Registration?

  • Supplier
  • End Consumer
  • Radiation devices such as Florescence Scanner, Medical X-ray machine, X-ray Lights, etc.

What are the important procedures under AERB regulation?

  • Developing Safety Measures as obligatory along with AERB regulations for the users and its applicable utilities.
  • Regulation of the AERB License Procedure for applicable products and activities concerning safety requirements.
  • The AERB Regulation over evaluation for Compliance Check concerning the conditions of the applicable license along with the maintenance of the essential safety measures.

Documents Required to Obtain AERB Approval

  • Manufacturing unit Address proof.
  • Information concerning equipment.
  • Identity proof, Equipment ID, and address proof
  • Employment proof of the owner
  • Obtain X-ray equipment Quality Assurance
  • RSO approval is obligatory to submit by the computed Interventional radiology and computed technology users.
  • Room shielding requirements and layout details.
  • Copy of valid type approval enclosed with NOC.
  • Radiation survey reports that you can get from the sanctioned agency and equipment supplier.

How does ASC help in obtaining AERB License?

With the help of the team of experts at ASC, we will guide you through the complete technical process of understanding and applying the required documents for AERB registration.

  • Assist in obtaining procurement permission and Import Authorization to import X-ray devices, Type approval of Devices, etc.
  • We will do a trouble-free AERB registration and will help deliver you the AERB Certificate within the given time.
  • Assist you in legal necessities and documentation process with end-to-end assistance
  • AERB registration consultants will assist you throughout the process to get an AERB license. 
  • We assist you in filling out the application for AERB Approval to avoid inaccuracy. 
  • AERB certificate consultants will coordinate with the AERB department to ensure required follow-ups, permission, etc. 

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