WPC Certification


The main objective of Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is to promote the importing of wireless devices in India by obtaining the authorization from the WPC department. The department ensures that all the necessary requirements concerning licensing are followed by the service provider. It is important that the product must be certified by WPC, should not function in the de-licensed frequency band and they must have the requisite ETA certificate.

The scope ETA from the WPC covers mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, RFID, Wi-Fi technology, and others. Moreover, a thorough test report of the equipment from a well-accredited laboratory has to be given in submission to the WPC for evaluating in order to obtain an ETA.

Steps to Obtain WPC ETA License

i. Open the Department of Telecommunication Website

Firstly, the applicant will have to visit the website of Department of Telecommunication. Then the applicant will get their Indian Company certified and click on applying for new ETA.

ii. Apply for the New ETA

The application for ETA is entirely an online process which requires the applicant to give a self declaration. After which the applicant will be redirected to a new page where the information concerning the product has to be given. The details that have to be shared are given below:

  • Applicant’s Name and other information pertaining applicant.
  • The nature of the device. For example: if the appliance is a mobile phone, then information of the same must be written in WPC Approval.
  • Information about the model number.
  • Information about the manufacturer of the product.
  • The Frequency Range
  • Output Power
  • Modulation range.

iii. Review and Grant of Application

If the authority is satisfied then it will grant the application for ETA for the concerned device under WPC Approval.

iv. Search Import Undertaking by ID (Search Option)

If the applicant is already an importer of the wireless equipment using different types of radio frequency, then it can be checked through the ID by searching the import undertaking. The applicant is required to enter the import ID together with the captcha code.


  • Aadhaar card or Pan Card
  • MCA Certificate
  • GST Certificate
  • Authorized Signatory – name, designation, mobile number, landline no.
  • Authorization cum Agreement Letter
  • Scanned Letter Head - signed and stamped
  • The report of the Radio Frequency Exposure (RF test Report), detailed report on performance and functions of the wireless device which includes products with the technology of wireless local area network access (Wi Fi), Bluetooth, radio frequency identification (RFID) and small digital radios (Zigbee) among others.
  • The Technical Guide about the Product- Document concerning technical details on the products like user manual.

How does ASC help?

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