Overview on MOEF Certification


The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEF) is an Indian government ministry of the Central Government for the planning, coordination, promotion, and supervising of the implementation of India’s environmental and forestry policies and programmes. MOEF License is aimed at the preservation, protection, and conservation of the environment. In the case of trading of export and import, it is mandatory to obtain the MOEF registration and permission from the Ministry of Environment and Forest if such import or export of goods contains any hazardous wastes. The obligatory labelling, packing, checking quality, and other responsibilities have to be maintained by the concerned manufacturer/ importer. Importers of Electronic and Electrical Equipment, Spare Parts, other Instruments, etc. have to compulsorily get a No objection certificate from the MOEF prior to the Customs Clearance for informing the end use of their product complies with E-Waste rules.

MOEF Permission in Import Export

In export-import trade, MOEF Certificate is mandatory if export or import goods contain any hazardous wastes. Necessary packing, quality, labeling, and responsibilities are to be maintained by the occupier.

The exporter or importer has to apply for MOEF Registration in the stated format for importing and exporting recyclable & hazardous wastes to use as raw materials. The material permitted shall be entirely protected from transit and any accidental occurrence. The adequate facility to manage imported hazardous waste in the form of raw material with details.

MOEF Licence Guidelines for Import and Export of Hazardous Waste

  • Import and Export of goods in India of any hazardous wastes for disposal from any country is not permitted with obtaining MOEF Registration.
  • Reuse, recycling, utilization, and recovery including co-processing are permitted for hazardous waste imports from any other region.
  • With the sanction of the MOEF License and the preceding acknowledged consent of the country of export, the user can import the hazardous waste as per Part A of Schedule III
  • With the MOEFCC authorization, other hazardous wastes mentioned in Part B of Schedule III may be given in import by the actual users.
  • The import of goods included in Schedule VI of hazardous wastes is strictly prohibited.
  • The MOEFCC gives authorization for exporting hazardous wastes from our country as stated in Part A and Part B of Schedule III and Schedule VI. 
  • Hazardous and other wastes which are not catered under Schedule III but include the characteristics of hazardous wastes as stated in Part C of Schedule III must be approved by the MOEFCC before getting imported or exported in India.

What are the Broad objectives of the MOEF Registration?

  • Conservation, protection, and survey of forests, flora, fauna, and wildlife
  • Control and Prevention of pollution
  • Re-generation and afforestation of degraded areas
  • Protection and preservation of the environment and
  • Ensuring the safety, benefit, and welfare of animals

No Objection Certificate from MOEF

Importers of Electronic and Electrical Equipment, Spare Parts, other Instruments, etc. have to compulsorily get a No objection certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) before the Custom Clearance for confirming that the end use of their product is in compliance and identification as E-Waste. A report has to be prepared to assert the nature & type of good, and residual life of the equipment under the Import and whether it complies with the guidelines of custom circular on hazardous waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary) Rules, 2008. After the reasonable submission of the Report to MOEF, the importer then obtains the No objection certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Forest. Based on the NOC Certificate, the initiation of the clearance is done with the customs authority.

How does ASC help in obtaining MOEF Certificate?

  • We provide the services with the help of experienced and skilled professionals keeping in mind the set industry rules and regulations.
  • We are careful while filing the Government supply details and add the list of imported items accordingly.
  • We ensure to apply and timely deliver you the Certificate promptly.
  • ASC assist in obtaining No objection certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Forest
  • Helps in getting MOEF Registration for the export or import of goods containing any hazardous wastes
  • Provide end-to-end assistance in obtaining MOEF License

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