BIS - CRS Registration


BIS Certification is an acronym for Bureau of India Standards, under the BIS Act, 1986. This organization is the prominent Indian certification body and has an increasingly significant role in standardizing and managing the quality standards of numerous consumer products. Bureau of Indian Standards is responsible for various activities like formulating the standards, schemes for registration, hallmark, certifying the products, certification of the system, laboratory services and more.

It is mandatory under this scheme for the manufacturers to register their products before getting them launched in the Indian market. The Bureau of Indian Standards issues the BIS Certification in India for CRS.


Chapter IVA of BIS Rules 1987 deals with the Compulsory Registration Schemes. MeitY introduced the Compulsory Registration scheme (CRS) in 2012 for the IT and electronic goods. Presently, there are 49 goods that are categorized under this scheme that includes electronic products like mobile phones, IT equipments, equipments with audio and video, LED Flood Lights, CCTV cameras, smart card readers, and other related gadgets. All the manufacturers involved in importing, selling or distributing goods that are mentioned in the list of product as has been notified by the authority to compulsorily apply for BIS Registration that confirms to the Indian Standard as mentioned in the order.

The manufacturers of these products are required to get their products tested from the BIS acknowledged labs and then apply for registration. The BIS authority then registers the manufacturers under the registration scheme where they are allowed to assert that their articles are conforming to the Indian Standards.


The following are the eligible applicants:

  • Manufacturers of any of products notified in Compulsory Registration Order located in India or outside India can apply for grant of Registration under Compulsory Registration Scheme(CRS).
  • Manufacturers have to apply for separate Registration number for products being manufactured at different locations.
  • Manufacturers have to apply for separate Registration number for each brand being manufactured at the same location.


  • Applicants are required to apply online for grant of Registration.
  • As per the MeitY guidelines, the product will be submitted for testing to BIS acknowledged lab
  • The test report should not be more than 90 days during submission.


  • Address Proof- Business License or any other document issued by Govt
  • Regstration certificate of the brand
  • Test Report of the lab
  • FORM VI Online generated copy (duly signed and sealed)
  • Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies
  • An affidavit cum undertaking
  • Affidavit as per Format C


The process for obtaining the ISI Mark from BIS is known as BIS- ISI certification. Generally, obtaining ISI Certification is a voluntary act. As per the conformity assessment scheme provided in BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018 the BIS grants the certificate of the conformity and also gives license under the product certification scheme to use the standard mark. The BIS license is granted only to the manufacturer of the factory or the finished products but not to the retailer or distributer. If the manufacturer has multiple factories situated at a different geographical address then the manufacturer will be required to apply for the BIS license separately from those factories respectively.

Hence, the BIS – ISI Certificate, ensures the companies and their products in attaining the consumer trust, ensuring consumers health and at the same time it conforms the consumers that the products they are using is safe and out of physical harm.

What is the procedure to obtain ISI Certification?

The procedure to obtain ISI Certification is as follows:

  • Select the Product Code and Fill up the Application form. 
    The selection must be according to the guidelines approved by the BIS. Form-V is filed as application together with the registration fees. Moreover, the applicant must also pay audit fees for further inspection.
  • Inspection of the Factory Premise by the BIS officer 
    The Inspection team thoroughly examines the quality, manufacturing process and sends the same for test in a BIS certified lab. After which the applicant is required to submit it to the BIS for further process.
  • Issuance of ISI Certificate 
    The BIS Authority issues a Certificate of ISI Mark Registration on satisfaction. The ISI Certificate is valid for one year and the same can be renewed after the expiry.


  • Main Application Form V
  • ISI Application Fee
  • Copy of Test Report by internal laboratory
  • Address Proof of the Manufacturing Unit
  • Certificate from regulatory agencies for manufacturing
  • Product Drawing and Installed Capacity
  • Details on Manufacturing Process, Test Equipments, Raw Material & Machines
  • Layout plan of factory
  • Nature of packing
  • Method of disposal of substandard product
  • Organizational Chart of Factory

How does ASC help?

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Faq's on BIS - CRS Registration